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Tri colored Bernedoodle puppies are in high demand and most requested color.  Unfortunately, we don't  have control as to how many tri colored puppies we will have within a litter.  The advantage of getting on a waiting list "sooner than later" is that you move up the list as families above you make their puppy selection.  This gives you a better selection for the markings and personality you want in our upcoming litters.  Once you have made a deposit you are on our waiting list and the deposit is non refundable.  They are 100% transferrable to a future litter within one year.  If you decide you no longer want a puppy or happen to find one somewhere else we cannot refund the deposit. 

                   OUR NEXT LITTER ARRIVING MAY 2024



Our Mini Bernedoodles are F1 (1/2 Mini Poodle & 1/2 Bernese Mountain dog).  They will be around 30-45 lbs full grown.  Great family dog, easy to train, intelligent and laid back.

VK Family Farm  always has the option of having first pick of each sex of any litter.

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